DAS for Arenas & Stadiums

Arenas and Stadiums are challenging environments for wireless voice and data communications.  Because of their large capacity and varied activities, the communications network needs to be robust enough to provide service under the most extreme conditions.  With increasing indoor usage come increasing demands on the mobile network. A stadium capable of holding 90,000 visitors, for example, can generate peak traffic equivalent to a city with 500,000 inhabitants; of these two, the stadium is by far the biggest coverage challenge since most of the visitors would be using their devices at the same time resulting in an exceptionally high level of demand for network service in a concentrated timeframe. DAS can provide enhanced wireless coverage to customers in indoor or outdoor spaces where geographical limitations, such as terrain and building construction, or crowd density might impede an otherwise optimal wireless experience.

Optical Telecom has completed Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installations at many high-profile outdoor and enclosed stadiums and sports arenas across the US including some with the highest data usage per game; Texas A&M University, Baylor University, AT&T Stadium and the Mercedes Benz Superdome Read more about data usage at NFL and College Stadiums.

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