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Optical Telecom has experience in Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installations in challenging venues such as secure facilities, underground and tunnel systems as well as large campuses and historic buildings. Installation of an Indoor or In-Building DAS in a older, historic landmark building such as the Library of Congress requires care and diligence.

Government facilities have unique requirements for communications.  Often the wireless communication is required to support mission-critical applications in secure environments where the infrastructure complicates the delivery.  Optical Telecom has a great deal of experience working in secure environments including those requiring security clearance. 

Airports pose an interesting set of challenges for wireless service.  Buildings are geographically dispersed over a large area, numerous businesses are housed within the aiport facilities, each with unique data and voice communication needs, vast numbers of visitors pass through the facility daily and there are also significant public safety personnel. In this complex situation, DAS provides an excellent solution to the rigorous requirements of all constituents.  Optical Telecom is experienced in designing, installing and maintaining DAS at airports across the US, including the DFW Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. 

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