In-Building Wireless/Indoor Small Cells

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provide a way to efficiently distribute wireless coverage and capacity inside buildings or other structures. Many of the materials used to construct a building prevent outside radio signals from reaching the inside areas of the structure. Additionally, cellular coverage supplied by outdoor macro antennas are often not sufficient to provide adequate capacity for buildings that are designed to hold large groups of people, such as stadiums and convention centers. Cellular coverage supplied by outdoor macro antennas are often not sufficient to provide reliable coverage for building interiors. A supplemental, in-building system such as a distributed antenna system, or DAS is often required to provide service and to deliver a reliable cellular signal throughout the structure or across multiple buildings. A distributed antenna system is a solution to the question, “Why does my cell phone quit working when I go into this building?”

The use of a DAS will allow indoor facilities to provide cellular coverage in previously unreachable areas.  As more new buildings are constructed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards or other energy efficient building standards required by local building codes, cellular dead zones within buildings have become more prevalent.  The thicker walls and Low-E glass windows save energy, but can also block cellular signals from coming into the buildings presenting a challenge to cellular service quality. 

Public safety personnel utilize wireless communication systems in buildings when responding to police, fire and rescue calls.  Ensuring indoor cellular and radio coverage in elevators, stairwells, basements, tunnels and parking structures is an important reason to use a DAS for building occupants, general public and Public Safety First Responders.

Optical Telecom has experience in DAS installations in challenging venues such as secure facilities, underground and tunnel systems as well as large arenas, office buildings, historic buildings and convention centers.  Please contact us for more information.


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