DAS for Retail Facilities

Installing a DAS within Retail buildings, malls and shopping centers can improve wireless access and connectivity and enhance the customer experience

Working with building owners, wireless carriers and end-use customers, we can design and install the optimum DAS solution based on the projects' requirments.  At Optical Telecom, we understand that business must go on while the installation is underway and we work hard, even after hours and week-ends, to make sure the interruption to the client is minimized.

According to Forrester Research, 75 percent of consumers access the Internet via their smartphones in stores. Additionally, a recent study from comScore found that 47 percent of shoppers are interested in receiving mobile coupons from retailers when they are in or near their physical stores, and 63 percent (source: RetailMeNot.com and The Omnibus) would be more likely to make a purchase if provided a mobile coupon while already in a store.

Because of their design and construction using materials such as concrete, steel, and glass, many large retail buildings have poor and unreliable cellular signals. Retail customers depend on reliable cellular service while they're shopping to access cloud-based services, text-messaging and email. Unreliable or nonexistent cell coverage can drive customers to your competitors.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provide a way to efficiently distribute wireless connections inside buildings or other structures where steel columns and layers of concrete can interfere with wireless signals. Cellular coverage supplied by outdoor macro antennas are often not sufficient to provide reliable coverage for building interiors. A supplemental, in-building system such as a distributed antenna system, or DAS is often required to provide service and to deliver a reliable cellular signal throughout the structure or across multiple buildings. A distributed antenna system is a solution to the question, “Why does my cell phone quit working when I go into this building?”

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