Turnkey DAS Provider

Distributed Antenna System Turn-Key Project Services

Optical Telecom offers turn-key project services for clients who need a complete Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solution.  We can provide our full range of DAS services from Site Surveys and Design through Installation, Testing and Deployment in a fully managed project designed to deliver the capabilities required by the client.  This enables the client to focus on their business operations knowing that Optical Telecom, with over 16 years experience on hundreds of DAS projects, is managing the effort.  Our team includes Project Managers, RF Designers and Technical installers with significant experience in DAS working on some of the most challenging and high-profile projects across the US.

As part of our turn-key services package, we offer scripting, provisioning and integration of Operator Base Stations and Operator Network Components such as switches and routers.  There are many services that fall under this Scope, such as System Validation testing, Call testing, E911 Call testing, scripting and alarming validation.

Our turn-key das services include:
  • DAS Design and Installation
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
    • Coordination of Permits
    • Bid package Preparation
    • Site Preparation
    • Quality Control
    • Site and Contractor Supervision
    • Work Packet Status Reporting
    • Construction Documentation
    • Final Completion Documentation
  • Site Surveys
  • Benchmark and Post Installation RF Data Collection
  • System Optimization and Commissioning

why Choose optical telecom as your DAS provider?

We are intensely customer focused



customer focused



We work with Leaders in the Wireless Industry

Optical Telecom is proud to partner with leading wireless and distributed antenna systems (DAS) solution providers to transform the way mobile service delivery networks are created and deployed to meet the growing demand for wireless voice and data services.  We have long-standing relationships with our partners and work hard to maintain our high standards as well as those of our partners.

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