DAS Project Management Services

Full Range of DAS Project Management Services

Optical Telecom has extensive experience in managing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installation projects gained over sixteen years and hundreds of installations. We work closely with our clients to identify the best resources for each project and to ensure that our personnel respect sensitive working environments and minimize any disruptions of ongoing business production and operations.   We place special emphasis on learning the particulars of each building environment in which we work and properly coordinating with the building and facilities management for the smoothest and safest installation possible. The Optical Telecom project manager closely coordinates all project details to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Our Project Management Services include:
  • Distributed Antenna System design based on specific client requirements
  • Schedule Management
  • Quality Control and QualityAssurance
  • Cost Estimates
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Project Leadership

why Choose optical telecom as your DAS provider?

We are intensely customer focused



customer focused



We work with Leaders in the Wireless Industry

Optical Telecom is proud to partner with leading wireless and distributed antenna systems (DAS) solution providers to transform the way mobile service delivery networks are created and deployed to meet the growing demand for wireless voice and data services.  We have long-standing relationships with our partners and work hard to maintain our high standards as well as those of our partners.

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