Distributed Antenna Systems Installation

Full Range of DAS Installation Services

The installation of a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) requires technical expertise, skilled personnel and attention to detail.  We understand it is crucial that the client's ongoing business operations are not impacted during installation.  Optical Telecom excels in minimizing disruption and leaving the work area clean – essential in sensitive environments such as hospitals, hotels and public facilities.  Our work often involves working within existing buildings where installation can be challenging due to structural constraints or centuries-old historic venues.  Additionally, we have worked in numerous high security facilities for both government and private clients.  Our commitment to our clients and the tight timeframes many projects require often necessitates working after normal business hours or scheduling multiple crews to keep the project on time.  At Optical Telecom, we pride ourselves on exceeding the client’s expectations on each project.

Base Station Installation Services include:
  • Base Station Equipment
  • Cable Tray
  • Batteries
  • Power Systems
  • Facilities Interface
  • Alarm System
  • Equipment Grounding
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Interconnection
DAS Installation Services include:
  • Coaxial Cable Installation & Testing
  • Fiber Optiic Cable Installation & Testing
  • Antenna Installation
  • Passive Component Installation
  • Remote & Head-End Active Components Installation
  • Labeling Standards

why Choose optical telecom as your DAS provider?

We are intensely customer focused



customer focused



We work with Leaders in the Wireless Industry

Optical Telecom is proud to partner with leading wireless and distributed antenna systems (DAS) solution providers to transform the way mobile service delivery networks are created and deployed to meet the growing demand for wireless voice and data services.  We have long-standing relationships with our partners and work hard to maintain our high standards as well as those of our partners.

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