Customer Owned DAS

Customer-Owned/Enterprise DAS

Enterprises are increasingly looking to create seamless wireless/DAS coverage within their buildings, across their campuses and in multi-venue environments. Enterprise DAS projects, where the owner of the building or facility owns and manages a neutral-host DAS rather than a specific carrier doing so are becoming more prevalent. Often, Distributed antenna system (DAS) technology enables coverage and capacity in places where companies are having difficulty providing licensed wireless mobile voice and data services to customers or users or prefer to remain neutral.

Our Customer-owned enterprise das Services include:
  • Distributed Antenna System design based on specific client requirements
  • Engineering
  • Wireless Carrier Coordination
  • Proposed antenna types and antenna locations
  • Preliminary cable pathway determination Radio Frequency (RF) design parameters
  • Link budget calculations based on our custom design and accounting for feeder cable, splitters, couplers, and other active and passive components
  • Design parameters
  • Summary of system capabilities

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customer focused



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Optical Telecom is proud to partner with leading wireless and distributed antenna systems (DAS) solution providers to transform the way mobile service delivery networks are created and deployed to meet the growing demand for wireless voice and data services.  We have long-standing relationships with our partners and work hard to maintain our high standards as well as those of our partners.

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