DAS Design and Site Surveys

Distributed Antenna Systems Design and Site Survey

We work with clients to design the most effective and appropriate Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)/Wireless solution for their facility, whether it is in-building or for an outdoor venue. Our team of DAS experts will design a DAS solution that addresses client requirements including: wireless services, coverage, capacity, and existing location and/or building constraints. By focusing on a design that meets specific client and wireless service providers (WSPs) requirements, we ensure that the DAS will meet or exceed expectations.

Our Design Services include:
  • Distributed Antenna System design based on specific client requirements
  • System overview
  • Proposed equipment locations
  • Proposed antenna types and antenna locations
  • Preliminary cable pathway determination
  • Link budget calculations based on our custom design and accounting for feeder cable, splitters, couplers, and other active and passive components
  • Radio Frequency (RF) design parameters
  • Summary of system capabilities
Our Site Survey Services include:
  • Building inspection
  • Roof accessibility
  • Firewalls and other RF obstructions
  • AC power, grounding and environmental controls
  • Identification and/or verification of cable pathways
  • Identification or verification of  head-end and remote equipment locations
  • Determination or verification of possible locations and placements of Donor and Coverage Antenna
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Propagation analysis
  • Recording RF measurements to understand the current environment and propagation characteristics and comply with received signal strength indicator (RSSI) requirements in the targeted service areas
  • Detailed report of our findings

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customer focused



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Optical Telecom is proud to partner with leading wireless and distributed antenna systems (DAS) solution providers to transform the way mobile service delivery networks are created and deployed to meet the growing demand for wireless voice and data services.  We have long-standing relationships with our partners and work hard to maintain our high standards as well as those of our partners.

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