About Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

A DAS Can Help Enterprises Improve Communication

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can help building owners, corporations, hospitals, gaming facilities, government buildings and education providers deliver seamless, wireless coverage to customers, employees and visitors in even the most difficult venues. In urban areas, where data demands are growing exponentially, DAS will be needed to offload macrocellular traffic to alleviate data traffic congestion that will increasingly be seen within buildings.

Modern construction techniques and materials block or degrade internal and external wireless communications. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) were designed to extend wireless coverage within structures and enable radios and cell phones to work regardless of their position within the building. Optical Telecom offers wireless solutions that provide law enforcement, public safety agencies, and building patrons with a highly secure way to stay connected with the vital information they need in an emergency.

As wireless technology has become more commonplace, users are demanding connectivity in every venue, including challenging environments like dense indoor structures such as high-rise buildings, arenas, tunnels, airports and across large outdoor stadiums and campuses. Individuals, businesses and public safety professionals require uninterrupted access to voice and data – no matter where they are. Because construction techniques and materials can block or degrade internal and external wireless communications, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), consisting of many antennas tuned to precisely match the areas of a building or venue can help boost service. DAS can be used to extend wireless coverage within structures and enable radios and cell phones to work regardless of their position within the building.

As more buidings are constructed to LEED or other high energy efficiency standards dictated by local building codes, a challenge has arisen to in-building wireless connectivity. Distributed Antenna Systems or DAS wireless systems are instrumental in overcoming the radio-frequency (RF) issues associated with LEED or "green" buildings. One significant challenge created by the design and materials criteria is in-building wireless connectivity. The same qualities that meet LEED standards are contrary to the dissemination of adequate radio frequency (RF) signals. Low emissivity glass makes windows more energy efficient but effectively blocks RF signals. That very desirable energy saving also creates in-building cellular issues. DAS wireless systems can help.

More about distributed antenna systems

In-Building/small cell DAS

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provide a way to efficiently distribute wireless coverage and capacity inside buildings or other structures. Many of the materials used to construct a building prevent outside radio signals from reaching the inside areas of the structure. Additionally, cellular coverage supplied by outdoor macro antennas are often not sufficient to provide adequate capacity for buildings that are designed to hold large groups of people, such as stadiums and convention centers.

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A large-scale Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (oDAS) will provide wireless coverage in outdoor environments. This is especially important In large open spaces such as parking lots, outdoor shopping areas, large business or educational campuses, and outdoor concert venues, where seamless wireless coverage is essential and towers may not be an option due to capacity limitations

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