GE Broussard - Office & Plant
Turnkey DAS Integration

Optical Telecom Chosen as DAS Integrator

Optical Telecom was chosen by Verizon Wireless as their Turn-Key DAS integrator for the Verizon DAS in the GE office/plant building located in Broussard, LA. The hybrid DAS spans the 2 story office building and attached manufacturing plant.

Being selected as the DAS integrator for this project required OTS to work using extreme safety measures when installing in the plant building that had ~90’ ceiling h eights with over-head cranes throughout the plant area. Optical Telecom completed the project on time and without any interference to the customer production schedule and without any safety issues. Optical Telecom provided all Engineering, Design, Installation, Commissioning and Optimization of the DAS. The DAS is currently providing seamless wireless coverage for Verizon wireless services for the building visitors and staff.